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FOR TEENS AND YOUNG PEOPLE who are wondering what life is all about ,  who are pregnant and not sure what to do   , who are struggling with drug and alchohol challenges    :






This page started as a page for teen and young moms . It is morphing into a page for all aspects for teens and young people.


* * * * PLEASE BE CAREFUL * * * *
...with whom you chat, what you say,
and information you supply!
NEVER give out your name, home address, phone,
or other personal information online to ANYONE.



 This is a source for answering that question that we have all had in our heads at one time or another " What is life really all about , and how do I fit in ?"





Do you have questions about stuff that you don't want anybody to know about ?  Do you have questions that you are embarrassed to ask ? How about stuff like sex and trying to live as a teen ? It's all here .

Oh , don't be mislead by the link title above. This site is definately NOT for little kids !





I do not support any ads in the sidebars that are for abortions.

 God created that BABY inside of you ,and no matter how you became pregnant , that baby deserves to live .

"You saw me before I was born. Each day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed." (Psalm 139:16)






Here is a page about bonding with a baby . It is specifically for bonding with a special needs baby , but it has good advice for all parents and their babies. Sometimes it can be a struggle to bond . When my daughter was born , we were both in intensive care for 4 days and I hardly had the strength to hold her even after that time. I love her SO MUCH ! I worked really hard to bond with her. I even watched old Cosby shows and other family shows trying to see how to bond with your kids ! I know , pretty bad , but I tried. My daughter is 20 now and a wonderful person . I just love her . She is cool.





This site has tons of info. about newborns and what to do now that you have them at home !



 If you haven't decided as to whether or not to keep your baby , read on.


Who We Are
"The Nurturing Network is a non-profit equal opportunity organization whose primary concern is the woman experiencing an unplanned - and probably unwanted pregnancy.

An “unwanted pregnancy” does not have to mean an unwanted baby. And yet abortion is often the only choice suggested to many women - especially those in the midst of a challenging education or successful career. Furthermore, while abortion services are readily available, resources in support of the birth option are comparatively scarce. Too often, there is little support for the woman wanting to give her child life.

This is why The Nurturing Network was created - to give a mother a real alternative, one which recognizes her unique values, needs and circumstances. Our Network is made up of dedicated, caring professionals who can offer the special support a woman needs to give her child life - and to make the most of hers as well."






Here is another program to check out for pregnanacy as well as help changing other life altering challenges. This program is for youn women who are serious about changing ,and want to make their lives better.:

 Mercy Ministries is a non-profit organization for young women who face life-controlling issues. We provide residential programs free of charge designed to address the whole person: spiritual, physical and emotional. Our non-conventional approach to the underlying issues changes more than behavior; the Mercy Ministries program changes hearts and stops destructive cycles.
Our program includes life-skills training and educational opportunities that help ensure the success of our graduates. Our goal is to have each young woman not only complete the program but also discover the purpose for her life and bring value to her community as a productive citizen.

We have three facilities in the United States: Nashville, TN has 40 beds, Monroe, LA has 20 beds and St. Louis, Missouri has 30 beds. Plans are underway for a 40 bed home in Sacramento, California.

Since 1983, we have served thousands of young women from all over the world with varied cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Young women who come to Mercy Ministries are often facing a combination of difficult circumstances such as:

Unplanned Pregnancy
 Eating Disorders

Many of these girls have sought treatment before with unsuccessful long-term results. Residents are in the program an average of six months and our services reflect their diverse needs. Our residents are young women who want to change and move beyond their difficult circumstances, yet have never found a source for help before Mercy Ministries. Young women who have graduated from the Mercy Ministries program are truly transformed. They are found in universities, corporations, ministries, the mission field, and raising families. At Mercy Ministries, they learn to believe in themselves and in God's love for them and gain life-skills that equip them for successful reintegration into society."









The lady who started this site sounds very nice and truly cares about the young moms out there. This is what she has to say about her site and her view :

  "These days a young mother is automatically looked upon as unfit and irresponsible. Young moms do not get the respect nor the help they need and deserve. That is why I have created "Teen Moms". I wanted there to be a place where young mothers (and even fathers) can come together, support each other, and help each other in the everyday trials we go through.
This site can offer you links and information on Crisis Centers and Shelters across the US.  We also have links to sites that can help you out financially. If you are expecting - I have a "fetus" album with pictures of stages your little one might be in. We have an excellent Yahoo Group where we talk about motherhood, men, work, problems we are facing, etc!  To get in touch with other teen/young moms on a one to one basis, you can sign and view the "Teen Moms" guest book. We all need any support we can get!"









Here is a place called Teen pregnancy dot com and  what they have to say :

Teen pregnancy is one of the most difficult experiences a young person might ever face when it interrupts school or other plans. It can create an emotional crisis resulting in feelings of shame and fear, and it may appear that you will crumble under pressures in your environment. The stress of how you are going to break this news to your parents might be even greater, and finding help may seem an impossible task.

You might think no one can help you, or you might be too embarrassed to search for help. However, denying the pregnancy or ignoring it can only make things worse for you and your baby. Denial will not take the pregnancy away; instead, you will lose the time you could have invested in prenatal care and counseling. You have options, and making a choice may be simple or difficult, depending on your situation. Check resources carefully and try to give yourself the opportunity to make the best informed decision possible.








This page was started by a young mom who couldn't find the help she needed on the net , so she made here own page to collect what she found.This is a long intro. to the site , but it shows how much they want to help everyone .

Our Pledge
"The Young Mommies Help Site is commited to bringing young/teen mothers the best possible services and has had an extremely clear vision of how this will be best achieved since the site's "birth" in 1999. 

 This site respects all cultures, lifestyles and walks of life. We are a multi-cultural, multi-racial, and multi-ethnic site. Women of colour and of all nationalities throughout the world are welcome here. We are also tolerant of all religions, and women from all faiths/religions/spiritual paths are welcome. We are also a queer-friendly site, although obviously not a queer-focused site; bisexual mothers and lesbian mothers are welcome here. You will see mostly women posting here, and although this site isn't feminist-focused, we support feminist views and women's issues, and will not tolerate anti-feminist, anti-woman posts.

 And of course since most teen mothers aren't living in mansions, we respect people from all social classes, economic and financial backgrounds. We are also respectful of everyone's unique way of living, learning and being. We are respectful of everyone's unique physical make-up, and don't allow put downs based on physical appearance or disabilities. Mentally and physically challenged mothers are welcome here. No derogatory comments towards any one religion (or towards a lack of religion will be tolerated here. No racist, homophobic (or heterosexist), classist, ableist, or sexist comments will be tolerated here. "









Here is another general site , but it includes alot of good advice :







If you are wondering : "What is going to happen to my body and how does the baby grow ? 









Here's a breast feeding message board with a forum just for teen moms to talk to each other. Breastfeeding is great for the baby , and cheap , but don't be upset if it isn't for you. What matters is the love and care and cuddling you give your baby.






Here is a page that is all about formula feeding. It tells about what kind to get , what supplies to get and what types are suited for your baby.











is a U.S. government-run hotline that serves as one-stop shopping for all pregnant moms.                                                                                                                                                                                                            They can direct you to local services, including:

Domestic violence assistance if someone is hitting or abusing you.
Family planning if you don't want to get pregnant again.
Food assistance if you can't afford to feed yourself or the baby.
Medical insurance if you're poor and you can't afford coverage.






Here's a forum for teen moms. You have to become a member to see what they talk about , but that is easy to do and free.





This is a thread on a freebies site that I belong to .

It is full of contacts for free stuff for babies and young parents.



Make sure you sign up for WIC ! This program will help with the following :

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children):

What it is: A federal program which provides healthy foods and nutrition information to pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women, and infants and children under age 5. Most people who are income eligible can qualify with some sort of nutrition need.

Assistance which may be available: Supplemental food such as milk, cheese, cereal, peanut butter,juice, and infant formula; breastfeeding information and support, nutritional information and counseling.

To qualify: Be income eligible and have a nutritional need, and be either pregnant or up to 6 months postpartum for non-breastfeeding moms, up to 12 months postpartum for breastfeeding moms,also for infants and children under age

To find: Look in your phone book in the government pages. WIC may be listed under federal, state or local government.

How to apply: Call first and make an appointment. Your eligibility will be checked. For a child, height, weight, and iron count may be taken. To help determine nutritional need, you may fill out forms about you and your child's eating habits.









Here is a state by state listing of shelters if you need somewhere to go :






This page tells you everything you ever wanted to know about diapers (and some stuff you never wanted to know !) They also have a recipe for making your own baby wipes that  will  save you money.





And here is where you can get cloth diapers if that is what you decide to use :



This link is very slow loading , so you can just contact the Miracle Diapers this way if you want :

Can't afford to use cloth diapers? Can you really afford not to?

Miracle Diapers is a non for profit organization that provides cloth diapers to low income families.
We are in the last stages of becoming an official nonprofit charity and our 501(c)3 status is pending.

Thank you so much for helping us get more babies in cloth!

Please contact for more information.






Here is a great place to go for  FREE baby items and care. See if you have a chapter where you live.




Here is a map of states where you can find a LOVEINC ministry. If you don't see any in your state , you could still call the national number and ask where you could go for help. They will find a way for you too.



or try  :

Love In the Name of Christ
National Headquarters
430 Oak Grove Street, Suite 400
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Tel (800) 777-5277
Tel (612) 872-8008
Fax (612) 872-6006





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lalalyssa   in reply to bellahope
Do you still need someone to talk to?
Talk to lalalyssa
any places in georgia im 19 with two little ones need financial support and baby stuff
Talk to eleaise215
hi im Jocelyn im 19 I have 2 girls one is 3 and my youngest is 7 months I was woundering to have some support someone to talk to I live in reseda California if enyone lives neer by
Talk to bellahope
I was always taught life was a gift from God, and I believe that it is true, everyone has a right to live... now I'm pregnant. I just turned 19, and I need help, I really do want to keep my baby, can someone help me I live in kansas 3167063758
Talk to
Brittany poole   in reply to isisgines
tanf program through welfaRE
Talk to Brittany poole
My name is isis. I am 18 years old. I am a single mother of a 6 month old baby girl. I'm not working right now and she runs through her diapers and wipes. I was wondering if anyone know of any places in Saint Louis,Missouri I can get 100% free diapers and wipes?
Talk to isisgines
I'm a young mom to be . I've had multiple complications throughout my pregnancy causing me not being able to work. My boyfriend who is the childs father can't seem to keep a job. I'm almost 8 months . & I'm extremel overwhelmed because I haven't purchased everything my daugghter needs due to my financial situation. I have some clothes , booties , a few packs of diapers , & wipes . Nothing big . & I'm sure she will need more clothing . I was wondering if anyone is aware of an organizations in Hillsborough county ( Florida) that helps young single mothers with cheap or free secondhand baby items ? Please if you have any information email me @ or Facebook me @ Ertaira Rivera . Thank you .
Talk to AniyasSoon2BeMom
Help help help I'm 16 and pregnant I am trying so hard to stalk up on supplies before the baby comes and I have almost nothing I'm trying so hard and I'm so stressed I need help plz plz contact me to send me any supply's you have my email is I need it so bad I'm so desperate right now...
Talk to Kittyb
i'm 19 and I'm pregnant and I have no clue what I am doing. I don't have any family that lives close to me and I don't have friends that have been pregnant. I don't have much money at all since i am pay all my bills. Any sites that have cheap but very good products for the baby?
Talk to palaciak
im 17 in pregant dont have no clothes for me or no baby atuff im lost i need somones help tex me1661 202 2856 if any body could help tex me please
Talk to needyounow
generations   in reply to honnbonn
If she lives in Michigan please have her call me....248.845.4396
Talk to generations
STEP 1: dont get pregnant untill you have a loving husband, good home and i would say at least 25 years of age. If you dodn't listen to STEP 1 listen to STEP 2: DO NOT DO ABORTION ON THE BABY!!!! the kid can just live with you then if you really hate babys you can give the baby up to adoption. That brings us to STEP 3: If you are too atached to the baby...... then you should have listened to STEP 1: dont get pregnant untill you have a loving husband, good home a i would say 25 years of age
Talk to mama400
I was looking for this website im 27 but my younger 17 year old sister got pregnant and i was looking advice for her because is an unwanted baby thanks for angels like you
Talk to honnbonn
Are there any places in Nashville TN I could get diapers and/or baby stuff for free. Me and my husband are in a really difficult financial situation. And my baby's due date is next month. I would appreciate it, if someone could help me out.
Talk to Rosaline19
hi, my name is april and am a mother of two and one on the way. I do have shuggles but they aren't that bad. I'm trying to get ready for my baby girl to come i had put some stuff on and its in the shopping chart. and i only get child support once a month if anybody can help me with that order i would apperiate it. But thats the main stuff i need for her anybody plz she is due anytime now.
Talk to lared22
Hello. Im a teen mom and things are really hard right now. My daughter was born a month ago. On January 22, 2012. Im in need of diapers and wipes.
Talk to Isabellelove
Hello my name is Ashley Gerald I am 17 years old and my son will be a year old on February 23,2012. I dropped out of high school and got my GED. I am currently majoring in nursing. It is really hard on me I am single and on my own. I have been trying to find a job and the only one i can find is minimum wage. and its hard to pay my bills and take care of a baby by myself. if you have any advice or way you could help me let me know
Talk to amarsha6
 in response to katmajick...   WIC doesnt give diapers and wipes
Talk to amarsha6
hello my name shemeeka morgan need help iam 17cant get no assitance to young 15309 fairmount detroit michigan 48205 need baby diaper baby bed clothing baby milk dresser
Talk to Keashie
Hello, My name is Sari, I have just given birth to my second child, my other one is 3 now. But the problem is that my husband has gone overseas for the some months ( complicated situation we are in ) and had to quit his job to leave, I am staying with my mother until he returns, but while I am here I have very little money that he had enough to leave me with, and with 2 little children it gets so hard to meet their diaper depends the most :( I have most the basic supplies I need for them, but diapers are so expensive and difficult to find for free, which is what I desperately need! It would be nice to know any places in Saint Louis MO that help with diapers
Talk to sariforshort