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hi, my name is april and am a mother of two and one on the way. I do have shuggles but they aren't that bad. I'm trying to get ready for my baby girl to come i had put some stuff on and its in the shopping chart. and i only get child support once a month if anybody can help me with that order i would apperiate it. But thats the main stuff i need for her anybody plz she is due anytime now.
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Hello. Im a teen mom and things are really hard right now. My daughter was born a month ago. On January 22, 2012. Im in need of diapers and wipes.
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Hello my name is Ashley Gerald I am 17 years old and my son will be a year old on February 23,2012. I dropped out of high school and got my GED. I am currently majoring in nursing. It is really hard on me I am single and on my own. I have been trying to find a job and the only one i can find is minimum wage. and its hard to pay my bills and take care of a baby by myself. if you have any advice or way you could help me let me know
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 in response to katmajick...   WIC doesnt give diapers and wipes
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hello my name shemeeka morgan need help iam 17cant get no assitance to young 15309 fairmount detroit michigan 48205 need baby diaper baby bed clothing baby milk dresser
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Hello, My name is Sari, I have just given birth to my second child, my other one is 3 now. But the problem is that my husband has gone overseas for the some months ( complicated situation we are in ) and had to quit his job to leave, I am staying with my mother until he returns, but while I am here I have very little money that he had enough to leave me with, and with 2 little children it gets so hard to meet their diaper depends the most :( I have most the basic supplies I need for them, but diapers are so expensive and difficult to find for free, which is what I desperately need! It would be nice to know any places in Saint Louis MO that help with diapers
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 in response to jaj...   Kajala, darling. Congratulations. It is going to be extremely hard because you are so very young yet. If you can go by the simple fact that it's no longer about you anymore, but it's about your child you will be fine and you will start making great choices. You have to want to take initiative to be a great mother. Don't smoke, do drugs, or drink alcohol(which is a drug too). I am sure you don't but I feel compelled to say so any way. Keep your head up! Not everyone is able to have children. We are so lucky to have them. To me, life is incomplete if we don't have our kids. You better listen to your grandma, and respect her so very much. Don't ever dismiss her advice as she has been there, and done that! Take care, don't be in a rush to live, embrace your baby, and let him or her enrich your soul. Your baby was meant to be in YOUR life. Don't take anything for granted.Let me know when you have the baby and how things are going. Luck has nothing to do with it. Be good okay.
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 in response to jaj...   GOD BLESS U LIL SISTER!
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 in response to jaj...   hey kajala im a teen mom to im 17 and due april 4 2012 i'm more scared then anything in this world and not getttin any support from my babys dad its hard even tho i already graduated high school i dont know if i can do it and my family isnt on my side at all besides my grandma if u need anyone 2 talk to i always here to listen
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 in response to soulight...   see my name is kajala and i am about to have a child and i am only 13 years old i never told my mom intill i took a pregancy test i was already pregant i am 6 months due date oct 22,2011
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Hi, my name is Jessi. I am a single mother of two wonderful kids. I have a 2 year old daughter name Alyssa and a 1 year son name Jason Jr. I recently lost my husband in Dec.2010 to heart diease. It is hard for me to find a job and a babysitter for my kids my husbands family really isnt helping me at all. But my side of the family is trying to help me but they are not able to help out that much. I am recieving SSI but it all goes to my rent and bills so I might have just a enough to get a small thing of diapers but it only lasts for maybe a week or two and my daughter and son are growing so fast out of their clothes I cant even keep up. It just hurts me when I cant get what my kids need. But if there is anything you can help me with that would be great cause I dont know what I am going to do cause my son is alomost out of diapers again.
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Aloha, I am writing on behalf of my daughter, Mercedes, a wonderful young lady who gave birth 9 weeks early to twin boys, after many weeks ( 2 months) we were able to bring babies home from Honolulu (we live on Maui), we are very thankful to the Ronalds McDonald homes, they were amazing. We have gone back several time for surgery or special follow up apts., Twins have endured heart surgery, double hernia surgery, inflation of lungs, spinal taps and being resesitated (by Mercedes and I). Twins are finally getting stronger day by day, however, my daughter is in need of some help, I live on the other side of island and my health is not the greatest, we are looking for someone who can help out by doing some house cleaning and possible laundry. Mercedes is unable to work right now because her boys need constant attention. She is a great young mother, she's just tired. Mahalo
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is there any website for teen mothers that can help with supplies and stuff for the baby?
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Hello Crystal,

Just want to share with you a website that I came across several months ago.  I am a teenage mom without much help at all.  I signed up for all of the free stuff this site had to offer and also placed an ad in their classified ad section.  I have received a good amout of free baby things, including formula, diaper bag, some clothing, and important information.  The website is I hope this help you as I am very excited and pleased.

Sharon J.

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Hello, My name is Crystal. I have a friend who is a teen mother and is in need of some help. Her mother doesn't do much to help her out but get her stuff here and there. She has a lady who helps buy her diapers but she keeps buying a kind that her daughter is allergic to and she has no choice but to use them. I am looking for some way to help her out cause I am just not finacially able to help her out. I have done what I can and keep trying to do what I can but as a mother myself I fell her pain. She is just 17 years old and can not get a job yet. Her daughter is 10 months old and a very smart little girl. I have tried to search the internet to find different things that could help her out. I am just lost with the different webpages and not knowing what is a good site or not. If there is anyway you could think of that would help her out please email me back at with the title 'Help for Ember'. That's my friends name. Thanks if you can help. She needs anything she can get. She was just telling me yesterday that her daughters clothes still fit but won't before too long and asked if i knew anyone who would have any clothes. I am personally going to try to go through all of the clothes that I have from my daughters to see what I can help her out with. Thanks again.

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eyelid 69 , I replied on your Aidapage. soulight

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