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Hello, My name is Crystal. I have a friend who is a teen mother and is in need of some help. Her mother doesn't do much to help her out but get her stuff here and there. She has a lady who helps buy her diapers but she keeps buying a kind that her daughter is allergic to and she has no choice but to use them. I am looking for some way to help her out cause I am just not finacially able to help her out. I have done what I can and keep trying to do what I can but as a mother myself I fell her pain. She is just 17 years old and can not get a job yet. Her daughter is 10 months old and a very smart little girl. I have tried to search the internet to find different things that could help her out. I am just lost with the different webpages and not knowing what is a good site or not. If there is anyway you could think of that would help her out please email me back at with the title 'Help for Ember'. That's my friends name. Thanks if you can help. She needs anything she can get. She was just telling me yesterday that her daughters clothes still fit but won't before too long and asked if i knew anyone who would have any clothes. I am personally going to try to go through all of the clothes that I have from my daughters to see what I can help her out with. Thanks again.

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