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I am 18 years old i have a four year old and i am 32 weeks and 6 days pregnant i work 1 fulltime job and one weekend job and pay for day care and rent and bills i live barely pay check to pay check ive been on my own since i was 15 I have done it all by myself. No government assistnce food stamps or anything but i need help now so if anyone knows any website that send you diapers and formula and bottles and such please email me ( please dont offer me to go to any type of parenting classes or birth choice or anything like that i dont have time. THANK YOU
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lalalyssa   in reply to bellahope
Do you still need someone to talk to?
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any places in georgia im 19 with two little ones need financial support and baby stuff
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hi im Jocelyn im 19 I have 2 girls one is 3 and my youngest is 7 months I was woundering to have some support someone to talk to I live in reseda California if enyone lives neer by
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I was always taught life was a gift from God, and I believe that it is true, everyone has a right to live... now I'm pregnant. I just turned 19, and I need help, I really do want to keep my baby, can someone help me I live in kansas 3167063758
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Brittany poole   in reply to isisgines
tanf program through welfaRE
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My name is isis. I am 18 years old. I am a single mother of a 6 month old baby girl. I'm not working right now and she runs through her diapers and wipes. I was wondering if anyone know of any places in Saint Louis,Missouri I can get 100% free diapers and wipes?
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I'm a young mom to be . I've had multiple complications throughout my pregnancy causing me not being able to work. My boyfriend who is the childs father can't seem to keep a job. I'm almost 8 months . & I'm extremel overwhelmed because I haven't purchased everything my daugghter needs due to my financial situation. I have some clothes , booties , a few packs of diapers , & wipes . Nothing big . & I'm sure she will need more clothing . I was wondering if anyone is aware of an organizations in Hillsborough county ( Florida) that helps young single mothers with cheap or free secondhand baby items ? Please if you have any information email me @ or Facebook me @ Ertaira Rivera . Thank you .
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Help help help I'm 16 and pregnant I am trying so hard to stalk up on supplies before the baby comes and I have almost nothing I'm trying so hard and I'm so stressed I need help plz plz contact me to send me any supply's you have my email is I need it so bad I'm so desperate right now...
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i'm 19 and I'm pregnant and I have no clue what I am doing. I don't have any family that lives close to me and I don't have friends that have been pregnant. I don't have much money at all since i am pay all my bills. Any sites that have cheap but very good products for the baby?
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im 17 in pregant dont have no clothes for me or no baby atuff im lost i need somones help tex me1661 202 2856 if any body could help tex me please
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generations   in reply to honnbonn
If she lives in Michigan please have her call me....248.845.4396
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STEP 1: dont get pregnant untill you have a loving husband, good home and i would say at least 25 years of age. If you dodn't listen to STEP 1 listen to STEP 2: DO NOT DO ABORTION ON THE BABY!!!! the kid can just live with you then if you really hate babys you can give the baby up to adoption. That brings us to STEP 3: If you are too atached to the baby...... then you should have listened to STEP 1: dont get pregnant untill you have a loving husband, good home a i would say 25 years of age
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I was looking for this website im 27 but my younger 17 year old sister got pregnant and i was looking advice for her because is an unwanted baby thanks for angels like you
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Are there any places in Nashville TN I could get diapers and/or baby stuff for free. Me and my husband are in a really difficult financial situation. And my baby's due date is next month. I would appreciate it, if someone could help me out.
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hi, my name is april and am a mother of two and one on the way. I do have shuggles but they aren't that bad. I'm trying to get ready for my baby girl to come i had put some stuff on and its in the shopping chart. and i only get child support once a month if anybody can help me with that order i would apperiate it. But thats the main stuff i need for her anybody plz she is due anytime now.
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Hello. Im a teen mom and things are really hard right now. My daughter was born a month ago. On January 22, 2012. Im in need of diapers and wipes.
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Hello my name is Ashley Gerald I am 17 years old and my son will be a year old on February 23,2012. I dropped out of high school and got my GED. I am currently majoring in nursing. It is really hard on me I am single and on my own. I have been trying to find a job and the only one i can find is minimum wage. and its hard to pay my bills and take care of a baby by myself. if you have any advice or way you could help me let me know
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 in response to katmajick...   WIC doesnt give diapers and wipes
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hello my name shemeeka morgan need help iam 17cant get no assitance to young 15309 fairmount detroit michigan 48205 need baby diaper baby bed clothing baby milk dresser
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